Eat Friday!

Where can you sit out in the sun amidst a beautiful country estate and have a full english breakfast and pot of tea served to you for £3? In Hursley’s clubhouse of course. Are you sure you still don’t want that job?

The emerging tech group I work in has started having regular team breakfasts, first Friday in every month from now on. It’s a chance to have breakfast, sit in the sun and talk about work, the world cup, big brother and diet coke and mento chemical reactions.


Meet some of the emerging tech team. From left to right: Rachel, Roo, Katherine, Dave, Richard, Pete and John.

2 thoughts on “Eat Friday!

  1. Hey Dazzer, you didn’t use the most excellent picture of me here – I’m offended 🙂 i didn’t even get a mention, even more offended!

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