More Amazon integration from Hugo

Hugo Dalgleish, a fellow eightbar member, invited me over to his working area last night. This was spurred on from some of the conversations we had with Jeffronius Batra at his presentation facility over how to use the parcel media, and suitable split thereof, to get more live information from places like amazon such as pictures of books.

Hugo has an object that you ask for a book title, and it finds the first hit on Amazon and displays the book cover, along with the other related books.

Here I asked for both the now popular in business long tail and the popular in my house Gruffalo, both suitably different to illustrate the principle.

The Long tail


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6 thoughts on “More Amazon integration from Hugo

  1. Interesting continuation of the integration of Web and Virtual technology. Now RSS / XML / FLICKR / AMAZON / SLBoutique / SLExchange are all in SL along with your famous WINBLEDON ball tracking and reproduction system.

    I am sure we will soon see ebay google paypal and other metaverse mashups start to appear. Holding my breath with excitement waiting for the first real business apps to appear in SL like writely or google spreadsheet.

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  3. Hugo Dalgleish and Tabatha Hegel, whose Life2Life Amazon web services project has been covered more than once on Eightbar as well as on the Amazon Web Services Blog, achieved yet more more fame yesterday by appearing in Information Week

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