Lotusphere in Second Life

Some of you may have already visited the Lotusphere build or read about it over at the Second Life Insider
IBM 9 is the place to be to see the Lotusphere pavillion
I was over taking some shots this morning for this post and have already met some very interesting people. Which is after all one of the main benefits of a metaverse. Visiting places and events and experiencing the presence of others there with you.
So here are some snapzilla shots of the build. I am sure the Sim will get very full, but please keep trying and see who you can meet and greet.
There are the rest of the 12 islands attached to have spin off meetings too. Just look at the main map and search for IBM as a region name.
lotusphere build 07
Lotusphere BPs
lotusphere 07 overview

The SL elements are shown in the video key note
Lots of green dots too

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2 thoughts on “Lotusphere in Second Life

  1. This afternoon, I was unable to enter the region – ‘server is full’. Very busy! Now it’s better, I have watched the opening general session, with dozens of other onlookers. Great stuff.

    For those of you who’ve never been to The Dolphin Hotel in Orlando: the lobby of the RL Dolphin looks just like the lobby in the second screenshot above. I recognized the fountain immediately! Good job, IBM.

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