Official public records now have metaverse evangelist in them

Yesterday we had to wander down to the Registrar in Fareham to officially put Sam on the system. I instantly blogged it as it was quite amusing over on my personal blog.. However in an SMS with Roo today where I told him the story he said “You have to put a picture of the birth certificate on eightbar”.
The conversation with the registrar was a lot simpler a few years ago with Sophie. Occupation: Consulting IT Specialist. This time with Sam, I proudly flashed my business card and showed that I was a Metaverse Evangelist. So it is now a matter of public record and family historians will have fun with that in a few years time.
When asked for the full names of Sam I nearly went mad and slipped Linden or Predlet in as he has been nicknamed Baby Linden and Predlet since his conception. However I am not a wealthy rock star (not that Linden is that unusual a name but Predlet may be a bit much) so we stuck to our agreed names.
The biggest hmmm should I ? moment occured when I was legally asked if I am known by any other names. Epredator and Epredator Potato may have been a bit too much for the poor registrar.
As it was she asked what the profession was, for the statistic people. We stuck with “online virtual worlds” rather than spark up a laptop and do a 40 minute demo. “That will keep them something to think about” she said.
So to the picture of the “worlds first metaverse evangelist on a birth certificate?” Well I can’t put that up.
a) It’s getting a bit too personal b)Its not here yet c) Its crown copyright. All three being very good reasons.

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7 thoughts on “Official public records now have metaverse evangelist in them

  1. The ‘let’ suffix has long been used where we work. We have had a Briscoe brisclet, Trevor trevlet. Hugheslet is not quite as catchy as predlet.
    For the sci fi minded I do not think we know much about how the young of a Yautja are raised or what they are even called. Yautjalet is as good as anything 🙂

  2. Lindenlet…could have worked!

    Predlet when searched through provides a link to spiderman 3 official movie site – whats that all about!!! Pretty cool though!

  3. Hi,
    All sounds like good fun. Reminded me of my own trip to the registrars when my daughter was born. My problem was that I couldn’t remember what we had finally agreed to call her!

  4. @alan I hope there was someone there to remind you 😉 I have heard a few war stories about people making things up on the spot and confusing the whole process and thier partner

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