Wimbledon is Live – Learning all the time, and yes we do need Sir Cliff

Well despite lots of rain we have seen some play at Wimbledon and had our first day of visitors. Andy and I have been busy talking to people and taking feedback.
Several interesting points have come up.
We don’t have scripts running on the public IBM islands to reduce griefing. This has a knock on effect for people wanting to bloghud and twitter from in world. This is a pity, but its better to be safe.
Secondly, we have some things we would like to automate but have never had to with the regular scoring feeds at Wimbledon. Things like player change overs and rest breaks take time. The regular score feed has been about getting the point data out to the web. Point data is that, not data about the rest of the things happening around it. So whilst we might imply from the tennis data what is happening we don’t have the direct instrumentation to saying player A has stopped to change his raquet. Interesting set of things that need to now be gathered.
Picture from snapzilla
Also whilst we have created seats, many people choose to stand where the other people are standing. This is actually good as it is because are interacting, which is the whole reason I am in the Wimbledon build to help.
The other comment was that it was hard to find. We have not advertised as such. This is a deliberate ‘soft’ launch. Though people who read this blog will know about it, or follow me on twitter. That combined with 4,000 IBMers is more than enough to be going on with!
With the rain I have also had lots of conversations about Cliff Richard and needing an AV of him. I bet there is not one already!

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