You make me feel like dancing

Well we did know that a lot of the metaverse is held together by music and dancing. This is a very short snippet of some of that across some popular ones. It more a proof of concept for a longer film later 🙂

11 thoughts on “You make me feel like dancing

  1. Makes you wonder why?

    Some worlds such as Playstation Home have a ‘dance’ feature already programmed. so they are encouraging it (nice video capture btw).

    But dancing in Second Life is popular too.

    I think it’s a way for people to express themselves, just as they(we) customise our avatars to differentiate ourselves. Kind of social networking with ‘moves’.

  2. I must admit I dont dance much in RL 🙂 However the dance in a metaverse is a very expressive, yet simple acgtion to take. You can start dancing and generally leave the avatar to it, or start to string things together. Its a little bit of user created performance content.
    The extremes of the dance as part fo the puppetry do seem to work, maybe amplifying those other more subtle human gestures. e.g. Dancing is the new smiley 🙂

  3. let’s not forget the ballroom dancing. My wife and I have a long history with the progression of ballrooms in SL, I have to admit its really great. Here’s a link to a video in honor of Stae Young and Adrianna Biziou who keep the tradition alive (credit my wife, Shannon).

  4. Dancing and music, agreed, are huge parts of the SL experience. Not only is it a way to express oneself, but others respond to it as well. Because I’ve invested quite a deal of time and Lindens in my avatar’s looks and dance moves, I tend to have many more opportunities to meet people in game. For those of you who might wish to acquire more dance moves, might I suggest you do a search for four places specifically: “Bits and Bobs”, “Owenimations”, “Abranimations”, and “Sine Wave Island”. And if you wish to create a dance routine, string some together, there’s another great application I’d recommend as well called HUDDLES EZ ANIMATOR DELUXE– takes a bit of time to see all the possibilities this lil HUD possesses, but well worth the effort:

  5. Although virtually all my customers tell me my dances are the best in SL, no one has heard of me! I guess I am gonna have to take that marketing course after all!

    I run a shop called Animazoo on the Brightown sim. I have dances, preconfigured AOs, dance HUDs, danceballs, etc, etc – as well as hundreds of individual animations! Oh, and lots of free stuff too.
    I offer AO animations in both transfer and copy and you can also find tutorials for configuring your AO.

    Hope to see you there!


    Dave Bellman

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