Come hear my dulcet tones on Dogear Nation

On Friday I had the pleasure of being invited to the Michael and Michael Dogearnation show to talk all things metaverse. As Michael Rowe pointed out the last time I was on the show it was not a public gig as it is today. So if you have a few minutes to hear us jam on various metaverse subjects and the odd anecdote then the podcast is here.
Michael R. was streaming to from his end of the podcast, though Michael M. and I were on Skype seperately to be recorded, so the live video at the moment has a comedy one sided conversation only ehearing Michael’s voice. We did use the backchannel of text too though.
Another great experience, I particularly like the fact that it is really a live show. Whilst there is editorial considerations and timing for some editing the flow and feel was very live and again different to other media style interviews that I have done. The content for the show is both driven by the guests and the hosts interests and by the articles that have been tagged dogear-nation on delicious


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