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Thanks to Steve Hughes (fellow IBMer no relation) for pinging this url to Mozilla Labs Ubiquity This features a simple, yet very well executed set of ideas that alters how people will use the web. It is very early prototype, but its a personal mashup tool. Its task based, so as you start to do something, browser email etc, it acts as a helper gathering services from the web that you need for the task you are completing. e.g. sending an address to a friend, but also wanting to include a map.
Each of the things shown in the video demonstration indicate something that we probably have all done at some time or other, but that involve a lot of cutting and pasting, or page swapping to collate information. I know I personally find it annoying swapping around, writing a blog post, but cut and pasting in embed code from places like Flickr, when my brain is saying just put photo a. in here.
All the disparate systems all have services now that can be called upon. It would appear ubiquity is helping us, as people be the collator of those services. Its a great idea and I suspect we will seem more of this sort of thing. I already find Google desktop (just find the document on my machine for me will you please) essential, this would appear to be even more so as it evolves.
You can also see that there is now scope for some more AI innovation to be applied on top. Having an intelligent agent with a ubiquity style helper to pull web services together is going to be really useful.
I can also see how this can be applied not just to the 2d web services that the demo shows but to the wider metaverse services as they become more exposed. I am very impressed so far and look forward to seeing this develop.

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