Little Big Planet is even more flexible than I thought

I realized stickers could be put on Sackboy, and that using the camera you could make sticker. Hence.
epredator little big planet style
Here is a little epredator, also wearing an 8 for eightbar. That is just a bit of avatar customization but immensly powerful. I am sure we shall see some amazing decorated sackboys.
Little Big Planet on PS3 powered by the co developed IBM, Sony, Toshiba cell processor 🙂 with an injection of eightbar.

3 thoughts on “Little Big Planet is even more flexible than I thought

  1. Very nice ePred… finally we get to see the power of that cell processor with interactive virtual worlds. btw. I just downloaded the Sony HOME beta, so I’m hoping for a very rainy weekend. And of course see if I can have a bee as avatar in my PS3 too 😉

  2. Little Big Planet is an excellent game to play and from the start it captivates the mind as you are taken into a fantastic world where anything is possible. Definitely you will have fun and will have more creativity experience!

  3. Very nice epredator. I love LBG, i can spend an entire day messing with the smallest of settings. I have a PS3 and Xbox and this is what keeps me from turning the xbox on most of the time.

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