Virtual Worlds and London 2012 Olympics

After all the intial work at Wimbledon on sports events in virtual worlds I was often asked about the London 2012 Olympics and what it migh mean for them. I wrote a document with some ideas, almost a little dated now but it was November 2006.
After a recent event explaining all things metaverse I was prompted by a note (thankyou J) asking about the implications and potential for 2012 to try and get some more traction on this.
There are lots of people in companies on loan to 2012, but there is also still a good few years to go development wise. So, to capture our thoughts as a community I just set up a PBWiki.
It is here as an extended open to anyone eightbar project. If you want to come and share some ideas about how we can get people to represent sports events in a richer way, and if it does not cuase you any commercial conflicts and you want to do the right thing, then please come and join in. We have 4 years 😉
So, virtual world, mirror world, augmented reality, gaming, social media, crowd content creation, 3d printing etc, all up for discussing. (yes this really should have been a superstruct type project, but lets try and grab some people into this who dont normally do social media too ;))
* also if I could figure out how the london 2012 website let me blend with it, trackback, or hook in anyway I would !

3 thoughts on “Virtual Worlds and London 2012 Olympics

  1. would be great to get some Pachube feeds direct from the 2012 site (even during the construction period) and connect them to SL structures since it’s fairly straightforward. Anyone got plans for on-site sensors tracking environmental data over the next few years before the games start? Could help to build up engagement…

  2. @charles it would indeed be great to see the build happen in pachube 🙂 With Andy’s recent interview on we have some more material to point people at and get some traction

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