Christmas on the IBM 12 islands

Well done to the Boris Frampton et al for getting the christmas party going on the IBM 12 islands.
I was working at home and had a few network problems so kept rezzing in and out in my tacky tree costume.

Anyway it was a very packed event.

Look at all those green dots !

There were tutorials
A sleigh to ride (thats me as a tree having a ride)

Ice skating

Cool Christmas costumes such as Laina Fallon

There was also a whole load of dancing in the greaterIBM sim Snapzilla pictures of that got lost my network trauma.
Ever seen a tree breakdance. Well you will have to imagine now.

We had several sims maxed out and some overflow to the others so a good few hundred people around.
It was a very rewarding experience to see so many people turn up and join in.
Well done all again !

Babbage Linden on the TV

Whilst sitting up on one of the usual late night sessions that working in Second Life brings I also had my TV on. The BBC have a tech feature called Click. The program runs at all times of the day.
However, this episode and interview features Babbage Linden and Mike Butcher from The film starts with 1 min 30 secs of SL footage before going into the real life interview.
Copybot(a nice explanation of it to alay fears), land owning millionaires, self regulating content, adult content, teen grid,open sourcing and more importantly new business opportunities and business backlashes.
Babbage makes the very valid point, dont just plonk your business in there, enagage with the community, try and understand the culture(s).
So a good 10 minutes to have a look at and use to help convince people.
I am not sure I liked the sign off at the end, but ignore that ‘joke’ and this makes a very interesting piece.

I dont think it was me that ignored this resident from Time

Over at there is an article which mentions that the journalist met a Predator AV who ignored him.
I really dont think this was me 🙂 Unless I was AFK, crashed or lagging or really really busy. I dont usually hang in public space and ignore people as thats just rude.
Admittedly the article is looking at the less business like uses of Second Life, so is after a shock angle.
I think many people are learning how to communicate in this environment. I am sure that walking up to a real life predator would not solicit a positive vocal response.
So if it was, by any chance epredator potato, I apologize.

Our thoughts are with Jordan Witherspoon’s family and friends at this time

Admist all the business and fun within Second Life, once in a while real life hits you.
Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Dorien Van Den Elshout, who passed away at the age of 28. As Jordan Witherspoon she worked as part of the Alliance Navy. Whilst there may be much bickering over the role of the AN, we have colleagues and friends of eightbar who have lost a good friend.
There is a much more fitting obituary over at Sltimes where it would be good to gather and remember Dorien/Jordan.

What an amazing couple of days being part of the IBM 12 island launch

As many of you will have been following the IBMers in eightbar have been exploring and building in Second Life for some time. Now we have grown in numbers as people start to see the possibilties in all sorts of fields, social, entertainment,education and business.
So IBM has focused its attention on a 12 island complex. Not to be the biggest, nor the brashest. Why 12? Well we had three people investing, and each bought a large island. Having three large islands initially gave us an I, B and M. Mostly to help us look at the concepts of different areas being for different things. We make no secret that we are all still exploring the potential, and the past few weeks the build by the team has evolved. A mixture of buying, building and partnering with friends out there in SL land.
We have ended up with a magnificent space. It is becoming more public. I say becoming as we have been doing guided tours to help explain to collegues and some customers and also press about the various ideas being explored. As we move on we will open up areas for more public access, and equally have invite only areas as we build new projects.
I hope we continue to grow with the same integrity and sensitivity to the virtual eco system as we have tried to do up to now.
Part of our launch party though was held at the zerog skyflyersshow, in conjuction with the NMC.
This was an amazing way to end this opening chapter. Algernon missed it as he was speaking at the Business Communicators meeting.So before some pictures of IBM land here are some snaps from the excellent snapzilla of the flyers in action. With a commisioned piece of music and many perfomers this was the most amazing thing I have experienced so far in Second Life.
The stills do not do it justice of course. It was a vibrant and organic swirl of lights with haunting music. And the perfomers nimbly moving and flying around us.

sky dancers

There is a video by DanCoyote Antonelli on you tube that is worth seeing

So the IBM 12 Islands have had quite a few visitors. Torley Linden popped in as a Melonzilla and Algernon gave a tour. Of course a Linden draws a crowd.
torley linden

We have 3 auditoriums on the sim boundaries (to experiment with 4 lots of sims being able to hold many more people at events)

A large welcome area with a tour train to take people to the key spots.

This overview (Just find IBM on the main map) shows the 12 island layout

We have a home for greaterIBM the alumni association. An example of a social networking space and crossing enterprise boundaries to keep people in touch with their collegues in IBM.

We have the wonderful SOA hub. This lets the Service Orientated Architecture messages be explored in a virtual world. It allows customers and IBMers get to meet and talk to experts, and allows IBM to learn how to present its business messages in order to help other present theirs.

There are also some lovely pieces of artwork by IBMers in here too, such as lidia’s here. SL has brough t to the fore many creative talents across the company.

And links to other more ‘traditional?’ content

Our IBM virtual universe community had a building competition that was then voted on for a focal point for us, a clubhouse if you like. Turner Boehm won with this build.

turner vuc

Turner of course has also found a home for his visualization project (as started on Hursley). Here he takes in from the outside world the structure of an application. It then renders istelf as a 3d model to help understand the structure, and share with others. There is a lot too this and we will explain more soon.

We then also have a customer in Circuit City
This is an exploration of retail. A shop, with links to real products that can also be staffed. It pulls in lots of things from the web, store locators etc.

It also shows the potential in a virtual world of adjusting the world to meet your real world needs, and helping pick the product that best suits those needs. Thos sofa moves back and forth to show the size of TV that is recommended. For many people this became an ‘oh I get it now’ demo. When added in with the presence of others to help in the desicion. Its just one sofa and one TV, but you can see where this can go with a larger room and dealing with acoustics, visuals, wiring etc.
cc chair

We also have an educational style campus, built mostly by Yossarian. This again helps both with running events, but also in showing people the potential.

Aimee Webber also is partnering with us on a House of Horizons project (that needs its own post here very soon). The area is under construction, but still on the tour.

Each area in Second Life adds to our understanding, and helps us show more people things that are relevant to them and their ideas.

We set up tours with tour guides and the islands got quite busy as the dot followers amongst you will see.

Gathering in Circuit city

In the mall of the future

All in all the event (which has been 2 days solid) has been very rewarding. A year ago, whilst I believed in virtual worlds and thier potential I could not have dreamed we would be doing what we are now. We being everyone, not just the IBMers.

But really well done to everyone that has put so much effort and talent into making this all happen. Its not a big bang entrance, but an evolution of what we have been. I am not going to name everyone as this page will be way too long, but I hope I have been making good use of the rating system.
However, Jessica Qin has been the guiding light on the build with overall say and design authority. This has been great to see as when Algernon Spackler and I entered SL as N00bs back at the start of the year we very soon found Jessica. Her mentoring and her talent for building, and her understanding of the community became the foundation of eightbar in Second Life. Jessica is now a very good friend and it is the fact that we get to meet people and form these bonds that is still the most important part of being in Second Life.

So roll on the new industry. This year has been a turning and tipping point, I am looking forward to whats next and well done all.

Business Communicators of Second Life – today’s meeting

Yes, it’s cross posted from I really am that lazy.

I was delighted to be asked to present at today’s meeting of the Business Communicators of Second Life.

I decided to keep it fresh by not pre-preparing my presentation, and typed the whole thing as I went. I took questions as I went, which really helped as I was able to adjust what I was saying based on what people were interested in hearing.

We met on Info island, where I counted 23 people in the audience, including the fabulous Torley.

I mainly covered the history of what IBMers have been doing in Second Life, how we got where we are, and what IBM’s recent announcements will mean. (By the way, I really must blog on Eightbar about the new 12-sim complex IBM announced today. Perhaps I’ll stay up and do that now). Inevitably, the conversation was wider than just Second Life, and we talked a bit about the virtual universe and the 3D Internet.

Linda has the transcript up on the SL Business Communicators blog, but I’ve uploaded it here too.

Linden hit 2 million we approach 1000

Linden Labs have now hit the magically 2 million with Second Life. To think it was only about 9o,000 at the start of the year.
As we move towards our opening up of the more official IBM complex(more soon form us on that though you will seem some press such as greeterdans’ piece here) we have got nearly 1,000 IBMers in Second Life.
As I am very keen to point out many of those are out there in various groups working with the community as residents.
This is a very exciting time for this industry and and amazing social experience.
We really do seem to be putting the people back in the technology.

Spitfire Flypast of Hursley House

As a mark of respect for a member of the original Spitfire design team who passed away recently, the Spitfire Society arranged a flypast of Hursley House on Friday 8th December.

Spitfire Flypast at Hursley, UK – Google Video

I forgot my camera, so my phone stood in. The video quality isn’t great, but it does give some sense of the event. There were plenty of photographers out on the lawn, so I’m sure Flickr will soon be flooded with photos from the event.

Hursley was where the Spitfire engines were developed – long before IBM got there.