Virtual Forbidden City

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks so I’m very late in posting this!

On 28 and 29 April, IBM is going to be running an SOA tour being using the virtual Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time. Ian wrote about the Forbidden City launch last year.

According to the press release:

Attendees will be able to discuss SOA with IBM’s leading architects and strategists in an innovative setting, and learn first-hand how to shape the future of business communication. The virtual world tour provides a chance to:
  • See a real-life SOA case study in action
  • Hear how IBM solutions and products map to and enable specific SOA concepts and capabilities
  • Learn how to solve architectural challenges through SOA in a way that is non-disruptive to existing IT systems
  • Network with technical experts and peers

This is a good example of how we’re continuing to explore the use of virtual spaces for education and business. If you want to get involved, there’s really very little time to register (sorry! my bad!) – final day is tomorrow, April 17th.

Update – @ibmvfc reports via Twitter that registration is now open until Tuesday so if you’re interested, there are a few more days.