Its not a game but it can be if you want, Smokin’ aces

I have spent quite a large amount of time with people explaining why Second Life really is not a game. However I do usually point out you can do game like things in it.
So along comes Smokin’ Aces at virtual NBC by the electric sheep.
***Update There is some video over on out to pasture
Now imagine you wanted to immerse people in the story of a film. What normally happens is lots of money is spent buying a licence of a game for a game developer. Then elements of the movie are pulled into a game, with historically mixed results.
Smokin’ Aces is about hired assasins tracking down a target. Now, they team have created a nice rendition of that concept. Players look like they wear a HUD and are given targets. The targets are the other players with HUD’s whilst they are wearing them.
They then have to be tracked down across the entire grid.
The bounty is l$, a.k.a. real money.
Nice ideas such as “Players will have the ability to arm/disarm their HUD at any time to allow their normal (Second) lives to carry on. However, to avoid deception and encourage gameplay, each time a player disarms their HUD, a 10% reduction will be taken from their bounty.” from the instruction site bring some new ideas to gameplay and SL existence.
Maybe its time for an alt to avoid being targetted too much as a member of eightbar 🙂
The game runs from 12th January to 26th January.

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