I already had the Tshirt so I bought the book

The official guide to Second Life was something that I initially thought might turn out to be a reprint of the help. It is however much more than that.
I ended up buying it becuase I wanted to a) Have it as a historical piece of memoriabilia and b) becuase of the people who were contributing to it, Mark Wallace of 3pointd , Wagner James Au of New World Notes and Cory from Linden to name but a few.
It is fascinating looking through a book seeing the people you have been talking with, or whose work you have experienced in print.
It was a pity not to see eightbar or any IBM references in there, but maybe that is for the reprint 🙂
It is good that this exists and great that it explains some of the history, ethos and community nature of Second Life. It will help some of the people come to understand SL through reading and then experiencing a metaverse.

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8 thoughts on “I already had the Tshirt so I bought the book

  1. So you got the book too 🙂 my copy arrived from Amazon a few days back. I haven’t had the chance to get too much into in yet but I agree this will be the absolutely essential ‘historical reference’ for the early culture of SL within the overall evolution of metaverses. In addition, in its own right as an actual book today, it does give a good overview tour of what’s SL & what you can do with it. I personally find this is a very useful short cut to finding things out that I might – one day – have found another way!

  2. I got the book as well, but it’s going to be a real bugger to get it signed by all the authors.

    It’s also good to have a book that you can see people that you know, and have met. It’s like having a part of them, but I feel part of the book because some of these people are my friends.

  3. My book arrived a few days ago from Amazon also. I agree that it is great. I thougt there might be more material on the CD though. EG: More video clips etc. I’m starting to write my Uni dissertation on ‘The potential for Education in Second Life’. Anyone want to contribute there views and ideas on this?! Elizabeth Anne Barth (SL name)

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  5. Thank you for this entry. I am glad I found the blog. I will sure visit more often. What spam protection do you use? I get tons of spam in my blog which sucks.

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