Connecting metaverses?

The article with Raph from Areae talking to Aleks Krotoski at Guardian Unlimited which I saw referenced over on 3pointd makes for interesting reading. Though we do not know what Areae will actually turn out as we know that its creators have quite a track record in MMO’s.
Mark Wallace at 3pointd highlights the need for these various metaverses, as they appear, to be able to network with one another in the same way we have seen the rise of the web 2.0 api for people to mash into their own creations. The interconnected nature of the web can no longer sustain overly insular applications. The attraction into Second Life was pretty much cemented by the ability to get data in an out of the environment which then got a lot better with the implementation of http in LSL
This is certainly of interest to us eightbar members here in Hursley which is the home of messaging. Also with Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) being a key design decision implemented throughout many new systems there is not reason to not apply this pattern to metaverses and creations within them.
Even many of our buildings are using the SOA hub template that is populated with much more information on SOA over on our IBM islands in SL.
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