Reuters at Davos

You may want to take note of some of the movers and shakers that Adam Reuters is interviewing in Second Life. The main page has the schedule and the bios make for an interesting collection.
As usual 3pointd has some good points and beat me to it, in that just the fact that the message about virtual worlds is being spread to influential people is all good.
Now my real life is likely to preclude my attendance as I cant see the midwifery department being quite so enthusiastic about Second Life.
I also am not sure I could resist asking the superb and inflential Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou if he is after an EasyLife, which would probably get me removed from the sim. Yes I know he is bound to get that almost as many time as I got sent the first life page but he may actually be thinking about it once he has met Adam as he has a sharp business mind.

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