I is for IBM

if you’re in the UK and get a chance to glance at pages 14 and 15 of the today’s Independent, you’ll see they have published an A-Z of Second Life.

A is for Avatar, B is for Building, and of course, I is for IBM…

“The computer giant is one of a growing group of businesses to cash in on SL, where virtual dollars can be exchanged for the real thing (see Dollars, Linden). Last month IBM built 12 new islands in SL, where clients and the public can visit special projects, including a partnership with the US electronic retailer Circuit City. Together they have opened a virtual shop where potential real-world customers can view products. The firms have also experimented with an interactive home theatre, where residents can recreate their living rooms and choose the best TV to fit. One island includes a social area for 900 IBM residents and company alumni to swap ideas.”

Of course, stats which change quickly are very difficult to keep accurate, and since they heard it was 900 (probably fairly recently) the number of IBMers in SL has already risen to over 1600. Still, nice IBM made it into the list (along with Linden Lab, Newsnight and Reuters. Grab a copy if it’s still at your local newsagent.

2 thoughts on “I is for IBM

  1. Not sure whether the 900 refers to eightbar members of greater IBMers. If it’s the latter it’s actually over 2000 now. 🙂

  2. wondering, what were stakes to sell^W put yourself on particular capital letter…

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