More real world virtual world and back again at Wimbledon

Today Wimbledon and our customers visiting us in Second Life and Real Life had the benefit of both of eightbar/IBM’s metaverse evangelists onsite. Today we continued work along with the other guys on creating the extra behind the scenes experience now we have the event up and running.
After the mixed mode press conference it was a natural thing to try and bring things into SL and out again using some extra pieces of ambient instrumentation.
So using veodia and a webcam to pipe back into Second Life our real life presence.

rl sl

Whilst giving a customer tour Adam Reuters popped by. So he got to see the people on the tech tour, and also became part of the tour himself as he was on my big screen. The impact of an avatar waving due to the mixed mode of video ambient presence and a two way interaction across the worlds had a massive wow factor.


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