Partying away from Wimbledon

As play wound down tonight and after hundreds more conversations with hundreds more visitors on IBM 7 wimbledon build Algernon Spackler and I popped over to see the Second Fest.
Rivers Run Red with the Guardian and Intel are running a festival. Great music, and a great build.
I turned up and started dancing, but put my Wimbledon brolly up in case it it became a bit glasto like.
Lyr Lobo was there with an awesome scripted dance partner
lyr lobo
We invited some of our friend list over too so asanyfule wollongong popped in.
It was Vimto Spackler (no relation to Algernon) who pointed us in the right direction and it was most relaxing and enjoyable, given we were still in the bunker at Wimbledon.
RenZephyr Zircon popped by too but was having some crashes so twittered he was off to watch big brother.
Fizik Baskerville and co has even laid on tents to have a rest
A nice touch
This looked like the turnstiles they will use as this ramps up as if it anything like the radio 1 gig last year it will get very full.
I almost turned into Mary Poppins with all the dancing
The whole vista is well worth looking at too if it does not get too locked out. Some very nice spread out zones over a whole lot of sims.
I hope I get some time to go back and party