Chain Reaction – Changing the world tomorrow

It’s time to go and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs at a 2 day event in London called Chain Reaction. “Chain Reaction is a unique and challenging project based on a very simple idea – that none of us on our own can change the world, not governments, not businesses, not charities. We succeed when we work together”. Sounds familiar doesnt it 🙂 Tribes? Smart Planet? Eightbar? well thats why I am heading along to share my experience and learn from others too.
Well a whole host of industry leaders will be offering their time and their insight to the audience of 1,000+ people, mostly under 30 years of age apparently.
Our UK Chief Exec Brendan Riley is in a session on the monday. Also Andy Dean ( a fellow eightbar from Hursley and I) will be in attendence for the full event, probably running the odd workshop here and there, mingling and helping people realize their full potential.
For me to be able to either talk about life online, the rise of metaverses or the story of eightbar and Godin’s tribes approach should keep me failry sparked and busy for the event. If I can persuade even just one person to just start doing, dont wait, dont overplan, start. Then it will be a success.
The main speakers are really awesomely impressive, including the great Richard Branson
So if you are going to be there, come and say hi.
Chainreaction in on twitter and spread over the web as you might expect and I am sure many of us will be live twittering, webcasting etc as its that kind of event.

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  1. Hi Ian
    I’ll be at Chain Reaction tomorrow and Tuesday – please do make contact. I’m with Community Links who have organised the event and I’ll be co-ordinating the “capture” and sharing online. I’ll be working with a great team of volunteer social reporters and a group of young filmmakers.

    We have also got an exciting collaboration with the guys at who have set up a very impressive chanell for the event that allows twitter tweets to be displayed in the room as well as images and video taken at the event. Their “VideoBoo” system also enables a really simple video capture and upload which we will be using to recored messages between delegates inside the tent… and those participating online.

    Come and have a look at the applications or view online from tomorrow at

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