Inspired by the social entrepreneurs – 3d Printing for the world

I have just spent 2 days fully immersed in the chain reaction event in London. At this very vibrant event I was expecting to spend most of my time explaining to people how we use the web and virtual worlds to communicate, to get things done, to power change in business. I certainly did get to do that, but I also got to meet and talk with a whole host of people from very varied backgrounds who had fantastic stories and goals.
Chain Reaction
Many of the people at the event were social entrepreneurs. People who work for change in the commnuity and an better world, not merely profit. In fact seldom for profit.
There was of course a balance as there were some very important business leaders at the event and the prime minister at one point. They spoke of generating wealth, of running successful businesses but then setting up foundations and mentoring schemes. There were also a large set of the attendees(contributors) who were of a much younger demographic. Young people who were willing to hear about how they can make a difference, or more often those that already were just getting on with it.
One of the huge messages, and the biggest take aways from this was that you do not have to wait to get started doing anything. As Dr Victoria Hale (founder of One World Health the not for profit pharmacutical company) said, just when is it that you will have enough money, resources, people or power to do what you feel you need to do to change the world for the better? You just have to start.
There was a meta layer to the event in talking with production team called in to help with the social media reporting. All very experienced web 2.0 people. So we all had a lot in common and had some breakout sessions on where this is all going, and what the best way to produce events, gather whats happening and distribute it.
Finally the chain reaction is about the links people have made sparking ongoing work. The third sector (a very strange name but its a tribal label) is there to make a difference to the world. I wrote a commitment to be placed on the wall, one of many that were added that I want to get the technology of 3d printing, local manufacture to be distributed and practical around the world. Being able to manufacture designs from 3d data held elswhere in the world could allow local communites to manufacture the things they need from simpler raw materials. Imagine being able to fix a broken water pump, or create new water carrying vessels without the need to have products shipped to remote, deprived areas. Think one laptop per child, people finding the parts they need online or co-desiging them in a virtual world with remote engineering experts and add local 3d printing manufacturing abilities, making the virtual designs real to fix any problem. Now that can change the world, and I can help make that happen.

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  1. Kewl! One of the most valuable lessons that my Mom taught me was this: If you want something, do a little bit every single day to help make it happen. Not only do you get started on your project and begin networking with the people who will contribute to making it happen, but you also visualize it, and consequently work out the kinks as you go along. Everything old is new again… Go Mama!

  2. We are seeing direct manufacturing becoming more popular due to no tooling costs for low production runs. 3D printing for the world is becoming a reality!

    “A 3D design becomes a mechanism to bridge the gap between right and left brainers. A scale model harnesses the power to differentiate between faith and reality!”

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