AM Radio does it again in Second Life

AM Radio is a fantastic artist and designer and fellow eightbar in Second Life. I was sitting with twitter zooming past and Malburns twittered Hamlet’s article on New World Notes saying AM Radio had a new build, so I popped along and was once again amazed at the intricate detail that AM puts into things. Astra Thorne was there, so the beauty of the immersion of Second Life and having a common friend in AM we got talking. Astra mentioned some of the delightful details and mid west references on this project. The hood ornament in green is just brilliant.
AM Radio 1948 car and Astra Thorne
So once again, I popped into a place, based on a feed recommendation from a friend and made a new aquaintance, another person who feels the same way I do. The serendipty engine was in full flow. It cannot be ignored, the number of times these connection happen, in this case midnight for me whilst tidying up some late night work items.